Journal is sunsetting on August 31st

Note that all data will be deleted on August 31st. You can export your journals from the Settings.
Thank you for the journey!

Journal App - A beautiful journal app for macOS | Product Hunt

Your daily mental
health workout

Journal is a beautiful daily journaling app


Prompts can help inspire and motivate you to start writing, or simply give you a starting point if you're not sure what to write about.


Tags are labels or keywords that help you organize and summarize entries


Create a look and feel that suits your personal preferences.


There is more...

Privacy & dataEntries are encrypted at all times with AES-256 bit algorithm

MarkdownWrite in Markdown and let Journal auto-format it

Cloud syncYour data is auto synced with the cloud

Offline modeWrite without any interruption when you are offline

ExportYou own your data, export entries as text or JSON with Markdown

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